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For these 4 reasons, he will contact you again

He answers again. And you just wonder what that means. After all, you absolutely did not expect it and now you are sitting in front of a message with which you do not know what to do. What does he want to achieve with that? Does he think of me more often? Or is he simply bored ?

You have not heard from him for some time. And meanwhile you have managed to process the separation . It took you some time, but that's ok. You have found your way back to life and rediscover yourself. Also, if you have to think of him one more time or another, your thoughts are not just buzzing around him.

But then the shock: He wrote to you. Just like that, just out of nowhere. And just when you have managed to forget him halfway, he enters your life again. As if he could have smelled it, he's writing to you right now. You are amazed, almost stunned . Why now? You do not understand the world anymore and also, if it's just a harmless message, there is much more to it. But above all one thing : ignorance . You do not know what he wants, what he thinks or feels. There are several reasons why he wrote you again. Here you are:

1. He realized how important you are to him

Of course, he realized how much you mean to him . He misses you and wants you to meet again. It can happen that you only realize how much you love someone when he is gone. That's the way it can be with him. Maybe he had a lot of time to think about how important you are to him and that he can not do without you.

In that case, you need to be clear about what you want. Take your time and ask yourself if you still love him. Do you think there can be another chance for you? Only when you are sure , you should talk to him about it. Maybe in this case, all good things are two ...

2. He feels lonely

If he's just feeling alone and writing to you, you're just a means to an end . Sounds tough, but it's the truth. He wants to make sure that when the going gets tough, you still have to. Nobody likes to be alone - even he is not.

But how do you recognize a message written from loneliness? It may be that he is currently in transition and looking for stability. Maybe he just broke up with his girlfriend, quit his job or is about to move house. In a new phase of life , you look for old, familiar things that you can always cling to when it really should come to the worst case. The old, familiar are you.

3. He is bored and seeks confirmation

Who does not know, the boredom. Curse and blessing at the same time. Blessings because boredom is often seen as stress and it is not something that a good Netflix series can not solve. At least, most of the time.

Because sometimes she sits so low that you do things that are not necessary. If they are paired with an ego that has to be confirmed , the following will come out: A message from him to you . Maybe he knows how much you loved him and thinks about that, he could write to you. Just because he just has nothing else to do . But most of all, because he is sure that you will smear honey around his mouth. So much and until he disappears again.

4. He just thought of you

It may sound weird, but that too can happen. You have split from the good and then both thought that it just does not fit anymore. And that was ok as it was.

Of course it hurt, both of you. But you managed to look ahead and keep reminding yourself that the decision was the right one. So, what's wrong with having thought of you and wanting to know how you are? Eben: Nothing. Maybe he just had a shirt in your hand that you forgot then. A perfect time to learn more about how you felt. After all, you have not parted in the quarrel, and you will always be somehow important, if you think about it that way.


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