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12 tweets you will relate to on an emotional level if you know the hell of insomnia

If you’ve ever experienced it, you’ll know the frustration associated with staring at the ceiling while the hands of your clock edge closer and closer to morning.

Some people endure chronic insomnia no matter how many tips and tricks they utilise, while others do themselves no favours and continuously scroll through their phone until the blue light has sufficiently ruined any chance they might have of getting some shut-eye.

Either way, it’s hellish

And if you have endured either type, you’ll relate to the following tweets on an emotional level.

1. We’re as stumped as you are.

2. Oh, joy.

3. Yep, looks about right.

4. The second rule is telling everybody it didn’t work.

5. Oh, that old chestnut.

6. It’s the eternal mystery.

7. Oh, it’s gorgeous.

8. Intense, but relatable.

9. Fanbloodytastic.

10. It can take on an otherwordly vibe at times, to be fair.

11. Yep, it’s handy for that.

12. Almost, but not quite.


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